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About The Business of Films

The movie ends, the credits roll. You feel inspired. You feel energized. You feel ready. That’s where we meet you: we hope to provide the tools and support you need to get to know your body better and become your own best advocate. We aim to create the space we need to discuss birth control and reproductive health honestly, openly, and without agenda. 

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     We’ve seen how documentary films can shift culture and build community. The film starts a conversation and once people are awakened they can advocate for themselves. In reproductive healthcare, women, BIPOC and GNC folks have been systemically disempowered but we see that the tide is turning.  We’re excited to bring you this Masterclass Series and community  to support your body literacy journey.
- Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, Founders and Filmmakers
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The Business of...

We are a media company investigating the business behind reproductive health. Check out all of the films from Ricki and Abby available to rent and stream here

The Business of Films

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